Представляем IntelliMix Room, программное решение обработки аудио для AV-конференций. Специальное обородуваоние с DSP не требуется, установка становится проще, а рабочее пространство - просторнее при явно лучшем звучании

• Licensed DSP software optimized for Shure Microphones
• Runs on Windows 10 in-room PCs
• Makes the computer a Dante endpoint
• Shure Network Audio Encryption

IntelliMix® Room - первое в мире ПО для обработки аудио, полностью оптимизированное под микрофоны для конференций Shure. Просто загрузите и откройте его на устройствах Windows 10 - запустите конференцию будущего.

ПО IntelliMix® Room совместимо со следующими системами Shure: Microflex® Advance ™, Microflex® Wireless и Microflex® Complete Wireless. Microflex® Advance ™, Microflex® Wireless и Microflex® Complete Wireless.


IntelliMix Room (Windows)

Операционная система:

Windows 10–64 bit (Pro, Enterprise, IoT Enterprise 64)​

Информация о выпуске:

New Features

  • Software update improvements that allow the user to check for updates to IntelliMix Room software directly from the IntelliMix Room Tray Application
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) improvements that allow for the use of reinforcement systems with longer latencies, without causing AEC problems or audio artifacts
  • Addition of a “report a problem” button within the IntelliMix Room Tray Application that allows users to easily send diagnostic logs to Shure if needed
  • Support for the MXA710 linear array, MXN5-C Networked Loudspeaker, and MXA MUTE Network Button
  • Addition of some licensing command string properties
  • Support for Windows 10 version 2004 (Build 19041)
  • Addition of a licensing network interface (NIC) selection option during the installation process

Bug Fixes

  • PC I/O “None” selection was added to Designer Software as a configuration option for IntelliMix Room PC Input and Output
  • Resolved issues with the installation of the Virtual Audio Driver
  • Resolved issues where the IntelliMix Room Tray Application would not automatically run
  • Resolved an issue where changing the channel count of an installation did not reset the Dante output channel names
  • Resolved a Shure Audio Encryption issue where channels without established Dante audio routes displayed a "key error"
  • Improved localization of the IntelliMix Room Tray Application
  • Resolved an issue around changing the channel count of an activated IntelliMix Room instance.

Known Issues

  • The use of packet scanning security software may cause audio performance issues with IntelliMix Room.
  • Presets saved in IntelliMix V2.0 cannot be utilized with IntelliMix Room V1.0.
  • In order to transition from a trial license to a paid license before trial expiration, the IntelliMix Room endpoint must be deactivated and reactivated. Otherwise, the entire trial license term will be used before utilizing the paid license.
  • When using Dante Domain Manager (DDM) and the permissions configuration for the devicefor the device is set to “prevent”are set to read only or the DDM server is offline, you can still upgrade IntelliMix Room.
  • Changing the System Name of the host computer after installation of IntelliMix Room also changes the Dante Device name, as seen in Dante Controller. The Shure device name stays the same. This does not affect device performance and can be ignored.
  • Discovery of IntelliMix Room within Designer software can take up to 5 minutes if IntelliMix Room is restarted without internet access.
  • Ensure that the system/device name of the computer running IntelliMix Room is unique and abides by Microsoft’s recommendation of 15 characters or less. IntelliMix Room relies on this unique name for proper Shure and Dante network operation.
  • It’s been seen that IntelliMix Room can utilize more resources on specific computer models (Dell XPS Laptops)
  • Certain Bluetooth devices may not persist in the PC Input/Output device dropdown selection after a restart of the computer. Audio will still pass.
  • When using IntelliMix Room, Designer may show a red dot and invalid software version for that device after installation. Close and re-open Designer or reboot the machine running IntelliMix Room to fix the issue


  • User Guide
  • Installation and Deployment Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • IMX Room 2.0 is compatible with the following software and firmware versions:
    • Designer 4.2
    • MXA910 4.2.18
    • MXA310 4.2.18
    • MXA710 1.0.5
    • MXA MUTE 1.0.8
    • P300 4.2.4
    • ANIUSB-MATRIX 4.2.19
    • ANI22 4.2.18
    • ANI4IN 4.2.18
    • ANI4OUT 4.2.18
    • Microflex Wireless 8.0.3

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